Founder and Artist


Operations and Communications



Jase Harper

Visual Artist

Bones Club is just that – a club. As a member, you’re an essential part of this team.

We are passionate about delivering something fun and rewarding, and we want you to come on the journey with us.

The first verified Bones Club collection, now known as the Heritage collection, quickly gained a cult following as each drop sold out within minutes. Since then, we have released the new collection and companions which have quickly become cult favourites.

Clutch teamed up with Rens and Seb to put his ideas into practice and expand the club to provide utility to members. This project is the result of months of planning, testing, hard work, and patience. With Jase joining as an additional artist, we're continuing to build into the future.

This is about building something together, building something valuable, and building something to stand the test of time.

Bones Club is the creation of Australian company, Glitch Labs.