For pre-launch rewards, follow us on Twitter or join the Discord.

What is the online game?

This is the milestone we’re most excited about. We plan to develop our own Bones Club member’s only online game. In the interest of transparency, game development is a long process so we can only begin scoping once we know the community is onboard. We will keep you updated as this progresses.

What is the NFT reward?

We have outlined two separate NFT rewards in our roadmap – one for Heritage holders and one for new holders. Details will be revealed closer to release. Heritage holders will also have the option to redeem a free NFT from the new collection soon.

We are as passionate about music as we are NFTs. Creating a 24/7 radio station for you to listen to while you work, study, or game sounds pretty good to us.

We are going to develop a member’s only area of the website – the Graveyard. If you hold a Bones, you’ll get exclusive access to features and perks in the Graveyard. Details will be revealed closer to release.

We will progressively add funds to the community wallet at certain milestones. Once all our Bones have sold, the community will vote on use through Discord. It’s up to you how it’s spent. Buying the floor, NFT giveaways, or donations are just some of the possibilities.

We will continue to update our roadmap as our project progresses.